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Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website’s technical aspects to improve its visibility, ranking, and overall success in search engines. The objective of Technical SEO is to make sure that your website is easily discoverable and accessible to search engines so that they can understand its content and provide relevant results to users. Read more

As a UX consultant, I always think about what is better a regular menu or a hamburger menu. In mobile version obviously but in desktop?

Let me explain the pros and cons:

The hamburger menu is an actual navigation element you can find on sites, landings, webs, apps, and programs. It’s a design of three horizontal lines. Is an icon and a button that typically opens a sider menu or navigation.

Created by Norm Cox almost 40 years ago!

This is the hamburger menu: bread, hamburger and bread. So, that’s why the name.

Hamburger menu


Let me share my thoughts:


PROS: This is a list of why use the hamburger menu:


  1. It’s SIMPLE and very clean.
    It’s easy to access the navigational menu.
  2. It’s recognizable for users. People know that in a hamburger menu there is a navigational menu, so we are used to.
  3. It’s the other access. If you have a menu or other navigational items, the hamburger helps to add a new one.
  4. It uses for a mobile version.


CONS: This are a list of why NOT use the hamburger menu:

  1. Hidden navigation
  2. Make pages less important and less effective
  3. Low engagement: the click rates go down and down…
  4. Two clicks is an extra step to get to the goal. To achieve the content you click twice.
  5. Not for a desktop version.

So, here my recommendations, as Nielsen Norman Group:

Hamburger menu Recommendations:



  • Do not use in desktop user interfaces


  • Use it if you have more than 4 level navigation links.
  • Provide footer with page links to important information on your site

Today we want to talk about a common error on websites. The 404 pages.

What is a 404 page?

404 page is an error, the Error 404.

Error 404 is an HTTP status code that means that the page you are trying to access can not be found.

For example, if you access server will return an error page and the 404.

The 404 pages are very common in all the clients that we do consultancy SEO.


Causes and solutions to 404 errors

We want to explain what are the causes and the solutions to fix it.

Cause 1: A deleted page.

When you have deleted a page from your site, once search engines have analyzed and indexed, the page did not exist so is a 404 page.


  1. If you create new content to replace the deleted page, the best way is to make a 301 redirection of the old Url to the new one.
  2. If you do not create new content, the best practice is to have the 404 instead to redirect to the home, we prefer not confuse the user and design properly the 404 pages.

Cause 2: An external deleted page.

When you have a link to another page and the link is not running because the site deleted the page.


  1. Search for an alternative link
  2. If the search is not running, delete the link.


Cause 3: A renaming page.

That’s very common, a client decides to change or rename the page but not consider redirecting.


  1. Create a 301 redirect

Cause 4: The link is not written ok (a misspelt)


  1. If the link is internal, we could correct it.
  2. If the link is created to another, we configure our .htaccess file to make a redirection of the misspelt URL.


So, the next question is do 404 errors affect my web positioning?

Google, says no, but 404 errors could have a direct effect on our users. So if our site has a lot of links that do not work, our visits will go down. It’s important the user experience to our success site.

In other posts we will talk about: a best practice 404 page and How to know if there are 404 errors on my site.


A picture speaks a thousand words.

An image of SEO must speak. In my last three works, I made different consultancies for customers and I detected the same issue: the images.

How is this part important, images are important as relevant keywords. Nowadays we use more images and media to improve our websites. So this kind of content needs to be review and optimize.

The images are always forgotten. And Google likes images and users also.


Let’s start with a list of best practices to keep in mind.

3 Basics Tips SEO Images:


1. Name of images.

When we create a website we take care of the name of images. We always find projects with Incredibles names or numbers to images. I found images like DSC30303 or Screenshot22.01.2009 or Prueba. The name is so important because Google read the archive and the name of our image.
The images need to BE descriptive. Yes Descriptive, it’s mean the name must represent what we see.
It’s important to add relevant keywords also. If we review analytics we could see how customers search us and use the image naming process.

As Google says the Filename give clues about what is the image.

Example if the image is a green car:

Green car on the road

<img src=””>


Also if you have a brand you could ad your brand on the image like green-car-ebavs.jpg.

2. File size

I discovered 3GB for a Background image or images of 1Gb.

Bear in mind:

  • Consumers do not like to wait unless on mobile.
  • Google uses page load time as a factor in their algorithm. And now with the new Core Vitals, this is so important.

So review the file sizes, compress the images and optimize them. There are a lot of articles to do it:


Image optimization

Yoast SEO images optimization

The formats are relevant also use :

  • GIF, lower quality than JPEGS used for icons, transparency, animations.

    Green car on the road

    Gif – 317Kb

  • PNG, the alternative to GIFS, allow transparency more colours. But the sizes are bigger than JPG. PNG is better used on flat and colours images.

    Green car on the road

    PNG – 606kb

  • JPG: able to compress images considerably, could have nice quality and low file size. Not transparency is allowed.
    Green car on the road

    Jpg – 290Kb


  • And more with Guidelines Google images

3. Alt attribute
The alt attribute (text that describes an image) is the alternative text is used to:- highlight the identity of an image

  • appears when browsers have problems rendering
  • read by screen readers to help visually issues: improves accessibility for people not see images on the website
  • read by search engines
  • Google uses the alt text on the algorithm to understand the content of the website

That’s a normal code that I discovered:

<img src=””>

That’s a good code:

<img src= alt=”A green car on the road”>

The alt attribute is also a descriptive text for the image, normally we use 8 words.


These are 3 basics tips to follow on your sites. Are very easy and common sense tips.


If you want to know more about SEO, we do Workshops and we are experts on it.

That’s a typical conversation:

  • “Send me an e-mail to”
  • “What?”
  • “Yes. EBAVS”
  • “EVAVS?”
  • “No, I spell it: E from España, B from Barcelona, A from Alicante, V from Valencia and S from Salamanca”


What’s this? Why EBAVS?

People write as EVABS, EBAUS, IBABS….but never EBAVS.

We think that we have a serious problem with our naming: a name so obscure that customers never know what it means.

But, 18 years ago we created this naming thinking to do something that we loved, coding and the internet but never in business…

EBAVS was a contraction between Bárbara and Víctor, Víctor and Bárbara.


Here we reveal our mystery:




















  • E: In that ancient epoch, the “E” (Email, Ebusiness) was COOL as the “I” nowadays (iPhone, Ipad), so we thought that the E was a great decision.
  • BAVS: We used the diminutive of BARBARA in English: BABS, and mixed it with the acronym of VICTOR SANTACREU: VS. Tadaaaa!


Also, we used dieresis on the ä, meaning two brains thinking (so creative ahh), but of course in 2000 the URLs could have signs (THANKS INTERNET!)


  • “Send me an e-mail to barbara@ebä”
  • “What?”
  • “Yes. EBÄVS”
  • “EVAVS?”
  • “No, I spell it: E de España, B de Barcelona, A de Alicante width dieresis, V de Valencia y S de Salamanca”


Actually, we think about change EBAVS to something more legible, but you know what?

If we write EBAVS on Google we have no competitors and the first pages are us. (Google suggest Ebay also..) The site, the images, the social networks…

SERPS ebavs



We love EBAVS and the meaning.

We are weird and special and we want to continue spelling our name. Know more about us on interviews of EBAVS.


It’s been a long time since the last post.
In these 7 months, we had not breathed, in fact, we became parents of a child, born in late February, so in EBAVS/ we have grown a little more. So now, it’s time to write again about my job: Digital Strategy, and in this case my personal digital strategy on Instagram and Pinterest.
We are very happy to be a 4 little family: Victor – Family CTO, Barbara – CEO of home, Júlia aka #juliapetarda our PM and the small Dídac 5 months aka Feliciano.

Instagram is the social network that I use to reflect the evolution of our family and “petardos” (as I call them).
Instagram like all social networks has rules to increase engagement with the user:

  • daily post
  • definition publication hours
  • mentions
  • using #
  • users interaction
  • videos or boomerangs
  • analysis post with more exit, etc…

In my case, I add little rules: publish what I want and I find aesthetic with a clear criterion which is my family.

I love images, I am an addict (photos, paintings, films, art books, comics etc …) with a lot of memory’s photographic and why I love social networks based on images (I’m an art historian). For example, one of the most I use is Pinterest; reminds me of the clipping magazines I do in my adolescence.

Pinterest is an aspirational network. A feminine network, especially for use before going to sleep, from 9 to 12 pm, is when more pinners are.

I’m a Pinterest influencer with 12.2K followers.

For many reasons:

  • Pin daily – more than 11.2K -.
  • Pin aesthetic criteria.
  • Definition boards.
  • Analysis boards with more followers and increase pins.

In summary, create a digital strategy for Pinterest.

If in personal level networks you can establish strategies, then imagine a professional level. One of the services I usually work in EBAVS/ is a consultancy and digital strategy: social networking, UX, SEO, Web Analytics etc.

I recommend analysis tools to review the social networks.



So, if you want to improve your profile social networks use these tools to see what content is most liked or pined and create a strategy yourselves.

But let me say one thing, have CRITERIA, either an aesthetic or element that makes you feel very comfortable to users and creates engagement.



Tió or The pooping log is a Catalan tradition, typical of Christmas.

It’s a log, for the first time is a relation with fire and connected nature, protection, fertility and winter solstice. It’s very scatological because we feed the log with food like nuts, cookies, fruits and the log eat magically; then on Christmas Eve, we beat and yell it, singing: “Caga tió, ametlles i torró, no caguis arangades que són massa salades, caga torrons que són més bons.
Caga tió, ametlles i torró, si no vols cagar et donaré un cop de bastó

Caga tió!”
And then the log, covered with a blanket, make poo; obviously is not real, the poo are gifts for kids or family. We love our scatological traditions, we use to do it, because we have a little girl of 5 years old in the house, and we are expecting a little boy, so we are experts on it.

So we start thinking about a creative idea to make a Christmas action. The objectives are to make something GOOD, something that brings a smile to our faces, so we thought that the best way is sharing:

  • The Catalan tradition of Tió
  • Something good and do something good (objective 1000 shares or link to the good deed)
  • Our job: creative, illustration, development and marketing

From that idea, we create an action, started the 8th December – date Tió arrives at the house – to Christmas Eve.

Then, we create the log with kawaii style, and also a landing page to explain all our idea.

The idea consists of feeding every day the poopinglog to see the poo. The poo is a share in Facebook or Twitter with an image (more than 100 ) + phrase + URL to promote a good thing with the #thepoopinlog.

But what kind of share?

The share or poo is something good, so we make research of good things like caring, giving, helping, researching, supporting and sharing; and make happy these organizations, ONG’s, foundations, etc…

And also, we beef up #thepoopinglog, creating a digital strategy based on 3 social profiles:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter profile
  • Instagram
  • E-mail marketing




The question is: Are you freelance?

Yes, we do.

We are freelancers since 2013 and also we work together.

We are a team, a couple, and 2 professional freelancers. We work in Barcelona and we are 100% digitals.

That’s a normal cliche: a team of digital profiles working in his own way. Senior profiles with expertise in Digital Project Management, Digital Web Development, Digital Strategist, SEO and UX.

The background: work in different companies, clients, digital, advertising, agencies etc … and then Freelance.


Blackie Books published a guide to be one of this class of people.

We appear at promotional teaser with a shorts interviews:

“I’m a developer”, “we paid taxes and the client does not pay the bill”, Víctor Santacreu said.

“It’s riskier to be freelance,” said Bárbara Casas.

And that’s it to be freelance. As the video said is not easy, but there a lot of things in our actual way of life, freelance is the best way to work and to have a life.

For us to be freelance is:

  • we never get sick
  • we work hard and a lot
  • we work all-day
  • we manage our time
  • we continue to review our personal brand and strategies
  • we work on clients as implants
  • we manage clients
  • we value the time
  • we recognize the clients
  • we pay quotes and taxes
  • we put price ourselves
  • we are flexibles
  • we are chameleonic
  • we always learning
  • we sell
  • we offer services
  • we manage accounts
  • we create budgets and proposals
  • we buy resources
  • we find partners
  • we learn new things
  • we do networking
  • we are professionals



Thanks, Blackie Books team, for this opportunity to appear on a teaser and promotional book and also to the book, which is a must for any freelancer. Ironic, and happy but with great information for anyone who wants to be freelance in Spain.

Be brave and be freelance.

A few days ago, we made a cake, a Christmas present to our Betahaus friends.

This present became, on small scale, in our Christmas action. The objectives are to close to the community of the coworking, make know our team and have great holidays.

In one day, we achieved:

  1. Double site’s traffic: see the below traffic on Google AnalyticsChristmas actions analytics
  2. Triple visits’ blog: see the below graphics with an augmentative line of visits
    Christmas actions blog analytics
  3. Knew people in the coworking: personal relationship and fresh ideas. Networking.
  4. Bless holidays to coworkers
  5. Greetings of more than 150 people.
  6. Bring a smile for all :)

And from our little action to the big ones:

  • Proximity Barcelona with proximityandme, reminding all who have worked on Proximity and rewarding them with a present. It reminds us, that our past is part of our present and future. It’s a great gesture that brings smiles to everyone who worked there and – after this action – we would be liked to work there. Bravo!
  • Shackleton with santapp is ideal for dads like us. Never grow up. Downloaded the app to enjoy this Christmas. Shackleton Genius! An app where you choose the name of your kid and the voice of Santa appears with sounds. Incredible the reaction of the kids.

Merry Christmas!