Digital Strategy: Instagram and Pinterest

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It’s been a long time since the last post.
 In these 7 months, we had not breathed, in fact, we became parents of a child, born in late February, so in EBAVS/ we have grown a little more.  So now, it’s time to write again about my job: Digital Strategy, and in this case my personal digital strategy on Instagram and Pinterest.
 We are very happy to be a 4 little family: Victor – Family CTO, Barbara – CEO of home, Júlia aka #juliapetarda our PM and the small Dídac 5 months aka Feliciano.

Instagram is the social network that I use to reflect the evolution of our family and “petardos” (as I call them).
Instagram like all social networks has rules to increase engagement with the user:

  • daily post
  • definition publication hours
  • mentions
  • using #
  • users interaction
  • videos or boomerangs
  • analysis post with more exit, etc…

In my case, I add little rules: publish what I want and I find aesthetic with a clear criterion which is my family.

I love images, I am an addict (photos, paintings, films, art books, comics etc …) with a lot of memory’s photographic and why I love social networks based on images (I’m an art historian). For example, one of the most I use is Pinterest; reminds me of the clipping magazines I do in my adolescence.

Pinterest is an aspirational network. A  feminine network, especially for use before going to sleep, from 9 to 12 pm, is when more pinners are.

I’m a Pinterest influencer with 12.2K followers.

For many reasons:

  • Pin daily – more than 11.2K -.
  • Pin aesthetic criteria.
  • Definition boards.
  • Analysis boards with more followers and increase pins.

In summary, create a digital strategy for Pinterest.

If in personal level networks you can establish strategies,  then imagine a professional level. One of the services I usually work in EBAVS/ is a consultancy and digital strategy: social networking, UX, SEO, Web Analytics etc.

I  recommend analysis tools to review the social networks.



So, if you want to improve your profile social networks use these tools to see what content is most liked or pined and create a strategy yourselves.

But let me say one thing, have CRITERIA, either an aesthetic or element that makes you feel very comfortable to users and creates engagement.