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A few days ago I read two news: about a woman who can not bring his baby at 4YFN and she feels discriminate; about a freelance journalist in Spain was proud not to stop working even she was a new mum.

As a feminist, I think that’s incredible! No way! That’s not good for women. I think we are a little confused. About work, to be mothers, to be superwomen.

I think what is the real problem: to be a WORKING mother woman. I’m not judging about is this mother goes to a tech/work event, or the other is proud about not stop working. I’m talking about what happens with WORK and women/mothers.
I think we never STOP, we are working women ALL DAY. And sadly, we PROUD about it.
Why we are proud?
Why we are proud to have no time and never stop working?
Why we are proud to be superwomen?

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Yesterday ebavs/ went to Mobile Week Barcelona opening and shared this fantastic experience with the other people that excellent speech of Gerfried Stocker about arts and technologies and Marta Peirano about privacy.

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The best way to check if there are 404 errors on my site, is to do a monthly check.

There are many tools to review but we use to work with:

1. Google Search Console or WebMastertools

Is a free tool of Google, it’s a good tool to review 404 errors and track what is doing. The service, recently called Google Search Console, allows the creators of web pages to check the status of the indexing of their sites on the Internet by the search engine and optimize their visibility. Also, it is a tool in which you can make modifications to improve the appearance of the web page.

Actually, they are changing the tool and there is a Google Search Console Beta.

Search Console: free tool to discover 404

URL: Web Master Tools

2. Ahrefs

In addition to monitoring your link strategy, Ahrefs is a very useful tool for SEO on page. Ahrefs is a payment tool. To start, you can try it for free for 7 days, after which to continue using it you will have to contact one of its subscription plans.

You could check a summary of Website’s each URL, which will include any possible 404. You can see the Broken Backlinks (the websites that link you with a URL that does not work) in the Inbound Links section and the Broken Links (the pages you link to that return a 404) in the Outgoing Links section.


A href: payment tool to discover 404

URL: Ahrefs

3. Raventools

Also an online payment tool, you could connect your Social Accounts, Google Analytics. Also, make a crawl report and send you an e-mail with the results.

It’s great to review sites and have the list of the URLs to correct the issues.


Raven tools: payment tool to discover 404


URL: Raven tools



Which is your favourite tool?

This 2018 we have gone to 5th Edition of 4YFN an event of Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

4 Years From Now (4YFN) is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that enables startups, investors and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together.

We have visited all the area reviewing startups, projects and IOT and also have been working in SPACES and amazing place for coworking with others visitors. Be freelance and have an event means to work meanwhile you are enjoying the event. :P

In these days, we have seen a lot of friends, so Barcelona is a small city where everyone knows each other.

We are so close with our beloved team and clients in 2015  B-wom: the app to solve architectural and functional problems, they have been nominated to win the 4YFN Awards 2018 from 10 finalist startups selected to pitch. We are wishing them a luckily pitch!

Creating news contacts with Startups but we want to underline two startups: psonrie an app connects a psychologist to people and Biel glasses, a father project to develop a smart glasses to improve visual perception of people with low vision.

Also, we have seen a lot of Betahaus friends,  as Susana Grau with her project Seeding Growth , Eduardo Forte: CEO & Co-founder en Betahaus, Kim Fredik as CEO of a new platform to connect patients with Doctors: Abi ; or Albert Arguilés with Cocooking. We have done a picture with Seat (see on our Instagram), and B-next  (a card who works with all the financials banks and credits) and have discovered Flutter by Google: easy framework and fast to build beautiful mobile apps.


We have gone to a few Workshops and Keynotes in amazing Areas as Nestle Stage, Banco Sabadell Stage or Airbus Stage. For us the most relevant are:

Women4Tech: How To Thrive As A Woman In Tech with Susanne Birgersdotter, talking about Confidence, Self-estimate and Women in Technology.

The Opening Ceremony with an amazing Yossi Vardi – Chairman 4YFN-, Carlos Grau – CEO Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation (MWCB) and Esteban Redolfi – Executive Director 4YFN-.

The Story Of Typeform With The Co-Founders And Index Ventures.

A crowdy Workshop with Xavier Foz, partner of Roca Junyen about ICOs: The Issuance Of Tokens As A New Way Of Financing: Initial coin offerings (ICOs) has become the new “gold rush” not only for investors but also for start-ups. Companies issuing tokens have managed to raise billions in aggregate and the financing channelled into blockchain projects through ICOs has already surpassed that coming from traditional venture capital funds.

State Of The Crypto, Token And Blockchain Market a presentation and panel discussion about the current status of the crypto, tokens and ICOs and blockchain market and what the potential future developments.

Startup With Google with Sofia Benjumea, Head of Campus Madrid,  has explained how Google is supporting the growth of startups, also presenting the new edition of Campus Residency and the website Startup Google a tool to start your idea.

Finally, we had lunch on the Plaça Major, an area full of amazing food trucks for all foodies and have eaten a free gluten of fried bowl potatoes with salad, chicken, avocado and eggplant.

Amazing days in 4YFN: full of conferences and great and new ideas.


Mining cryptocurrency, actually, isn’t profitable because hardware and electricity cost is high than mining earnings. After write my last Altcoin mining post, some sysadmin colleagues ask me if I knew how to mine in production server.  The result is this post.

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Today we want to talk about a common error on websites. The 404 page.

What is 404 page?

404 page is an error, the Error 404.

Error 404 is an HTTP status code that means that page you are trying to access can not be found.

For example, if you access server will return an error page and the  404.

The 404 pages are very common in all the clients that we do consultancy SEO: Beter, AMT,

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Node.js is actually an essential tool for every developer. Basically are a javascript interpreter for a command line. This is very interesting because allows executing javascript in any environment; you can make server-side applications, command line tools, webs, etc. An actually have a lot of followers, apps, frameworks to work with it. This ecosystem is incredible an make easier life when you work with.

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This altcoins mining guide is made by a beginner for beginners. The mining process is tedious and does not give wealth, but it helps us to understand the whole process and what is cryptocurrency.

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A picture speaks a thousand words.

An image of SEO must speak. In my last three works, I made different consultancies for customers and I detected the same issue: the images.

The images are always forgotten. And Google likes images and users also.

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