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Finally, here it is, our new site in 2015:
A few months ago, Victor and I thought to refresh the site, and now we are happy to present our little kiddo.

We are very tough with us, so we wanted a new site, but with specific requirements: responsive, clear, fast, SEO friendly, in English, beautiful, simple, user-friendly, extended portfolio, products, review blog, etc..
We developed like 3 or 4 versions.. and at least we chose the one we relaunched the last week.

We divided the site into simple architecture information – as we said we need to be clear and simple – :

  • WE: Who we are, what we do, our mission, why choose us. We also used pictures of our TV interview at TV3 Cites – minute 12:00 – and linked to our social media profiles.
  • PORTFOLIO: We choose a selection of our works and products: B-wom, Doubleyou, Optretina, BBDO, Nice Mondays, Beter, Factusol plugin, Moodle connector, etc…
  • CONTACT: A form to contact with us


So, welcome the new site and long live!

More than one year EBAVS/ we are in a new stage. By coincidences of life, we fell in one of the incubators of most international projects and startups that are in Barcelona, Betahaus.
From here we have seen and we see great projects born as Happy Working (coworking consultancy and new configurations of work) or ¡La Colmena Que Dice Sí! (Online platform that allows direct sales between producers proximity and consumers by creating consumer communities, called the “Colmenas”), in most cases (not all) come to us with basic questions about servers, development, SEO, UX, WordPress, registration and management of domains and a lot of common technologies and every day for us; familiar to us, but not for all.
People are creating projects and startups, and often came overwhelmed when need to create the website.
Do I WordPress? Do not? Prestashop? Drupal? Html?
What is the best hosting? What is SEO? Digital strategy?
Where do I register the domain? How long?
We are happy to answer your all questions, but we think we could help us more.
We create 2 helping lines for your projects and startups:

  • The first one, offer free hosting to startups and projects who create by themselves the website.
  • The second line, free hosting and help to creating the website, usually with WordPress and the possibility of postponing or divided into very small fees paid for the development and implementation of a clean WordPress.

From EBAVS/ we believe that the beginning is difficult, we know, we also started … more than once, so we want to help startups and entrepreneurs.

If you are interested, talk with us or you have any questions, please send a message to hello [at] or contact us.

Welcome: brave entrepreneurs!

A few days ago, we made a cake, a Christmas present to our Betahaus friends.

This present became, on small scale, in our Christmas action. The objectives are to close to the community of the coworking, make know our team and have great holidays.

In one day, we achieved:

  1. Double site’s traffic: see the below traffic on Google AnalyticsChristmas actions analytics
  2. Triple visits’ blog: see the below graphics with an augmentative line of visits
    Christmas actions blog analytics
  3. Knew people in the coworking: personal relationship and fresh ideas. Networking.
  4. Bless holidays to coworkers
  5. Greetings of more than 150 people.
  6. Bring a smile for all :)

And from our little action to the big ones:

  • Proximity Barcelona with proximityandme, reminding all who have worked on Proximity and rewarding them with a present. It reminds us, that our past is part of our present and future. It’s a great gesture that brings smiles to everyone who worked there and – after this action – we would be liked to work there. Bravo!
  • Shackleton with santapp is ideal for dads like us. Never grow up. Downloaded the app to enjoy this Christmas. Shackleton Genius! An app where you choose the name of your kid and the voice of Santa appears with sounds. Incredible the reaction of the kids.

Merry Christmas!

In these pre-Christmas dates, we prepared a pumpkin cake, nuts and cinnamon to celebrate Christmas


After brewing, baking and taste how delicious it was we thought it best to share.
Cut the cake into small pieces, package it and put them with a suggested price tag and a URL Pumpkin cake.
Our gift for Christmas was this piece of cake and our recipe.pumpkin-1-1Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What means the welcome back?

After few years of searching for knowledge in different companies, life has given us a new opportunity to create and enjoy – again – EBAVS/.

We enjoyed a new location, we found a coworking space, met coworkers, startups and new projects, that made this new stage very exciting and extremely funny.
We released it in January 2014 and the Betahaus managers dedicated a blog entry to a very human interview that we enjoyed a lot.

Started again with EBAVS in November 2013. After years working on agencies, ad agencies, consultancies, and other kinds of jobs we decided that was the time to did something for us.

So with a little strategy but with a lot of illusion, we decided to jumped and create EBAVS officially. After 2013, EBAVS was our little brand, see why our mystery name.

We review the brand: colours black and white. We add images and use the Mediterranean sea (Barcelona sea) for backgrounds.

ebavs - background

The services were:

  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • CTO Services
  • IT Services and management
  • Digital project management
  • SEO consultancy
  • Ux Consultancy
  • WordPress development

So, that’s was our welcome back.

Long-life EBAVS/!