404 pages

What is a 404 page: causes and solutions

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Today we want to talk about a common error on websites. The 404 page. What is 404 page? 404 page is an error, the Error 404. Error 404 is an HTTP status code that means that page you are trying to access can not be found. For example,…
webpack with es6

Webpack with ES6 tutorial for beginners

Webpack is actually the best tool to create web pages. Is the next generation tool after gulp and grunt. For me is really easy to configure and manage and I want to show you how I can make projects with this tool. Prerequisites First of all,…
Node JS

Install node.js in Mac OS X

Node.js is actually an essential tool for every developer. Basically are a javascript interpreter for a command line. This is very interesting because allows executing javascript in any environment; you can make server-side applications, command…

Altcoins Mining Guide: Monero, Ethereum

This altcoins mining guide is made by a beginner for beginners. The mining process is tedious and does not give wealth, but it helps us to understand the whole process and what is cryptocurrency. 1. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency…
Green car on the road

3 Basics Tips images on SEO

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A picture speaks a thousand words. An image of SEO must speak. In my last three works, I made different consultancies for customers and I detected the same issue: the images. The images are always forgotten. And Google likes images and users…
EBAVS 2004

Our mistery naming

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That's a typical conversation: "Send me an e-mail to barbara@ebavs.net" "What?" "Yes. EBAVS" "EVAVS?" "No, I spell it: E de España, B de Barcelona, A de Alicante, V  de Valencia y S de Salamanca" EBAVS What's this? Why…
docker moby

Docker and how to make your life easier

Docker is a new way to use virtual machines (someone expert that read this, not hate me, it's a way to show what it is). Docker represents an easy step to install services on our machine without installing it. This means, is like a virtual machine…
Postal Nadal EBAVS

Happy Holidays!

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This Christmas we created in EBAVS / our Christmas postcard to wish Happy Holidays. A familiar DIY with: Red card Love White paper 6 years Old Daughter Orange paper Cryings White pencil Scissors Smiles Dotted…
Git Octo Cat

Git Workflow or How to work with Branch in Git

Git Workflow or GitFlow it's a development model to work with code and git. We use extended in our code to make conflicts between developers less as possible. The reality is that Git Workflow is a branch management for organizing code and developers.…