– Team

Studio? Agency? Team? Tandem? Víctor and Bárbara? Barbara and Victor?

It’s hard to define and describe everything we do.

We realized that we do many things, we are 4×4, capable of making a small code in your site work better, design a poster, manage a digital account, build a digital plan, refactor your code or customize WordPress.
But if you need a label here it is: Víctor is Full Stack Developer and Barbara a Digital Producer and Strategist / Project Manager
We work with independent, small, medium and big companies as well as advertising agencies.
We try to make our clients happy, achieving their objectives with us.

We believe in good ideas, flexibility, and precision. We love clients who make us happy.
We think strategically, act tactically and solve problems quickly.
We are flexible, adaptable.
We are experts in digital projects because we love what we do and we do it with passion.
We work for the best, for the good ideas and we surround ourselves with the best ones and if we haven’t them, we look for them.

So, we do it well, very well.
We are good, very good.