Green car on the road

A picture speaks a thousand words.

An image of SEO must speak. In my last three works, I made different consultancies for customers and I detected the same issue: the images.

The images are always forgotten. And Google likes images and users also.

Let’s start a list of best practices to keep in mind.

3 Basics Tips SEO Images:


1. Name of images.

I found images like DSC30303 or Screenshot22.01.2009 or Prueba or Slider-home.png
The images need to BE descriptive.
It’s important to add relevant keywords also. If we review analytics we could see how customers search us and use to the image naming process.

Example if the image is a green car:

Green car on the road

<img src=””>

2. File size

I discovered 3GB for a Background image.

Bear in mind:

  • The consumers do not like wait unless on mobile.
  • Google uses page load time as a factor in their algorithm.

So review the file sizes, compress the images and optimize them.
The formats are relevant  also use :

  • GIF, lower quality than JPEGS used to icons, transparency, animations.

    Green car on the road

    Gif – 317Kb

  • PNG, the alternative to GIFS, allow transparency more colours. But the sizes are bigger to JPG. PNG is better used on flat and colours images.

    Green car on the road

    PNG – 606kb

  • JPG: able to compress images considerably, could have nice quality and low file size. Not transparency allowed.

    Green car on the road

    Jpg – 290Kb

3. Alt attribute
The alt attribute is the alternative text is used to:- highlight the identity of an image

  • appears when browsers have problems rendering
  • read by screen readers to help visually issues
  • read by search engines

That’s a normal code that I discovered:

<img src=””>

That’s a good code:

<img src= alt=”A green car on the road”>

The alt attribute is also a descriptive text for the image, normally we use 8 words.


These are a 3 basics tips to follow on your sites. Are very easy and common sense tips.


If you want to know more about SEO, we do Workshops and we are experts on it.