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Today we want to talk about a common error on websites. The 404 pages.

What is a 404 page?

404 page is an error, the Error 404.

Error 404 is an HTTP status code that means that the page you are trying to access can not be found.

For example, if you access server will return an error page and the 404.

The 404 pages are very common in all the clients that we do consultancy SEO.


Causes and solutions to 404 errors

We want to explain what are the causes and the solutions to fix it.

Cause 1: A deleted page.

When you have deleted a page from your site, once search engines have analyzed and indexed, the page did not exist so is a 404 page.


  1. If you create new content to replace the deleted page, the best way is to make a 301 redirection of the old Url to the new one.
  2. If you do not create new content, the best practice is to have the 404 instead to redirect to the home, we prefer not confuse the user and design properly the 404 pages.

Cause 2: An external deleted page.

When you have a link to another page and the link is not running because the site deleted the page.


  1. Search for an alternative link
  2. If the search is not running, delete the link.


Cause 3: A renaming page.

That’s very common, a client decides to change or rename the page but not consider redirecting.


  1. Create a 301 redirect

Cause 4: The link is not written ok (a misspelt)


  1. If the link is internal, we could correct it.
  2. If the link is created to another, we configure our .htaccess file to make a redirection of the misspelt URL.


So, the next question is do 404 errors affect my web positioning?

Google, says no, but 404 errors could have a direct effect on our users. So if our site has a lot of links that do not work, our visits will go down. It’s important the user experience to our success site.

In other posts we will talk about: a best practice 404 page and How to know if there are 404 errors on my site.


A picture speaks a thousand words.

An image of SEO must speak. In my last three works, I made different consultancies for customers and I detected the same issue: the images.

How is this part important, images are important as relevant keywords. Nowadays we use more images and media to improve our websites. So this kind of content needs to be review and optimize.

The images are always forgotten. And Google likes images and users also.


Let’s start with a list of best practices to keep in mind.

3 Basics Tips SEO Images:


1. Name of images.

When we create a website we take care of the name of images. We always find projects with Incredibles names or numbers to images. I found images like DSC30303 or Screenshot22.01.2009 or Prueba. The name is so important because Google read the archive and the name of our image.
The images need to BE descriptive. Yes Descriptive, it’s mean the name must represent what we see.
It’s important to add relevant keywords also. If we review analytics we could see how customers search us and use the image naming process.

As Google says the Filename give clues about what is the image.

Example if the image is a green car:

Green car on the road

<img src=””>


Also if you have a brand you could ad your brand on the image like green-car-ebavs.jpg.

2. File size

I discovered 3GB for a Background image or images of 1Gb.

Bear in mind:

  • Consumers do not like to wait unless on mobile.
  • Google uses page load time as a factor in their algorithm. And now with the new Core Vitals, this is so important.

So review the file sizes, compress the images and optimize them. There are a lot of articles to do it:


Image optimization

Yoast SEO images optimization

The formats are relevant also use :

  • GIF, lower quality than JPEGS used for icons, transparency, animations.

    Green car on the road

    Gif – 317Kb

  • PNG, the alternative to GIFS, allow transparency more colours. But the sizes are bigger than JPG. PNG is better used on flat and colours images.

    Green car on the road

    PNG – 606kb

  • JPG: able to compress images considerably, could have nice quality and low file size. Not transparency is allowed.
    Green car on the road

    Jpg – 290Kb


  • And more with Guidelines Google images

3. Alt attribute
The alt attribute (text that describes an image) is the alternative text is used to:- highlight the identity of an image

  • appears when browsers have problems rendering
  • read by screen readers to help visually issues: improves accessibility for people not see images on the website
  • read by search engines
  • Google uses the alt text on the algorithm to understand the content of the website

That’s a normal code that I discovered:

<img src=””>

That’s a good code:

<img src= alt=”A green car on the road”>

The alt attribute is also a descriptive text for the image, normally we use 8 words.


These are 3 basics tips to follow on your sites. Are very easy and common sense tips.


If you want to know more about SEO, we do Workshops and we are experts on it.

That’s a typical conversation:

  • “Send me an e-mail to”
  • “What?”
  • “Yes. EBAVS”
  • “EVAVS?”
  • “No, I spell it: E from España, B from Barcelona, A from Alicante, V from Valencia and S from Salamanca”


What’s this? Why EBAVS?

People write as EVABS, EBAUS, IBABS….but never EBAVS.

We think that we have a serious problem with our naming: a name so obscure that customers never know what it means.

But, 18 years ago we created this naming thinking to do something that we loved, coding and the internet but never in business…

EBAVS was a contraction between Bárbara and Víctor, Víctor and Bárbara.


Here we reveal our mystery:




















  • E: In that ancient epoch, the “E” (Email, Ebusiness) was COOL as the “I” nowadays (iPhone, Ipad), so we thought that the E was a great decision.
  • BAVS: We used the diminutive of BARBARA in English: BABS, and mixed it with the acronym of VICTOR SANTACREU: VS. Tadaaaa!


Also, we used dieresis on the ä, meaning two brains thinking (so creative ahh), but of course in 2000 the URLs could have signs (THANKS INTERNET!)


  • “Send me an e-mail to barbara@ebä”
  • “What?”
  • “Yes. EBÄVS”
  • “EVAVS?”
  • “No, I spell it: E de España, B de Barcelona, A de Alicante width dieresis, V de Valencia y S de Salamanca”


Actually, we think about change EBAVS to something more legible, but you know what?

If we write EBAVS on Google we have no competitors and the first pages are us. (Google suggest Ebay also..) The site, the images, the social networks…

SERPS ebavs



We love EBAVS and the meaning.

We are weird and special and we want to continue spelling our name. Know more about us on interviews of EBAVS.


In EBAVS/ we had to work with BETAHAUS creating intern Workshops (SEO and WordPress) for our beloved coworkers. The name “Members teach members”. This movement based on the community of Betahaus to helped all members and taught about what we are as experts.

We just did WORDPRESS Workshop with Víctor, and now it’s my turn to create a BASIC SEO WORKSHOP.


At first, we thought to do two Workshops, one of basic level, and the other for experts. Then we recognized that the level at Betahaus was more basic than expert, so we only do a session. We had only 2 hours and a half to do a quick and basic SEO Workshop, so, we decided to talk about basic concepts. We prepared a presentation shared with all the students and shared it at the final Workshop.

The SEO Workshop was:

  • SEM: definition of terms
  • Search Engines: how many search engines are, Google the king
  • SERPS: what is a SERP
  • SEO: definition SEO
  • PPC: definition PPC
  • PPC vs SEO
  • Why SEO
  • Google
  • Evolution SEO: from the beginning to natural searches
  • How to do SEO: analysis, objectives, benchmarks, keyword research…
  • OnPage: what is and how to do it, titles, meta descriptions, WPO, CSS, robots, sitemaps, google analytics, images – see our article of 3 Basic tips on image SEO
  • OffPage: what is and how to do it
  • Strategy SEO: what is a strategy SEO, content redaction
  • Tools SEO: reviewing tools for manage SEO: WebMasterTools, Google Keyword Tool
  • Case Study: activities with the coworkers to review their actions and the site.

See some of our charts of the workshop:
PPC Versus SEO

What is a SERP?

The result was amazing, about 30 members of Betahaus were at the workshop. We also uploaded a SlideShare presentation:
Ebavs SEO – workshop de Barbara Casas

See us on Twitter our SEO Workshop: