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One year ago I asked Barbara, with a lot of please please please please, for a Wireframes to make a new application that will be “la polla en vinagre” (Spanish expression which literally means cock in vinegar but in English means that it is the best of the best or the fucking amazing thing in the world).

One year later I’m still waiting for these Wireframes. What happens here? Isn’t normal that Barbara ignores me (well it is normal). Maybe I can’t send to her the idea or feelings for this exceptional App! Some days ago a friend of mine sent me a short video talking about Lean Startups and their philosophy/methodology/ideas. I was impressed with these basic ideas and Barbara too.

But, how Lean Startup works for us? (or for everyone)

First, for one, ask the client if they need a solution for a hypothetical idea or problem. The second one is making a cheap, little and handmade prototype. Well, I talk again with Barbara and tell her I want to ask people if my idea is a good idea but trying not to explain the idea, only asking a few questions ( an idea is sensed). Barbara love the idea (finally yeah! yeah!) and we made a little survey.

This Survey is the first or the last step of this idea, all is in your hand’s people. If you are Freelance or have a little company, please, answer our questions. :) The Survey is here

Finally, here it is, our new site in 2015: ebavs.net.
A few months ago, Victor and I thought to refresh the site, and now we are happy to present our little kiddo.

We are very tough with us, so we wanted a new site, but with specific requirements: responsive, clear, fast, SEO friendly, in English, beautiful, simple, user-friendly, extended portfolio, products, review blog, etc..
We developed like 3 or 4 versions.. and at least we chose the one we relaunched the last week.

We divided the site into simple architecture information – as we said we need to be clear and simple – :

  • WE: Who we are, what we do, our mission, why choose us. We also used pictures of our TV interview at TV3 Cites – minute 12:00 – and linked to our social media profiles.
  • PORTFOLIO: We choose a selection of our works and products: B-wom, Doubleyou, Optretina, BBDO, Nice Mondays, Beter, Factusol plugin, Moodle connector, etc…
  • CONTACT: A form to contact with us


So, welcome the new site and long live ebavs.net!

The question is: Are you freelance?

Yes, we do.

We are freelancers since 2013 and also we work together.

We are a team, a couple, and 2 professional freelancers. We work in Barcelona and we are 100% digitals.

That’s a normal cliche: a team of digital profiles working in his own way. Senior profiles with expertise in Digital Project Management, Digital Web Development, Digital Strategist, SEO and UX.

The background: work in different companies, clients, digital, advertising, agencies etc … and then Freelance.


Blackie Books published a guide to be one of this class of people.

We appear at promotional teaser with a shorts interviews:

“I’m a developer”, “we paid taxes and the client does not pay the bill”, Víctor Santacreu said.

“It’s riskier to be freelance,” said Bárbara Casas.

And that’s it to be freelance. As the video said is not easy, but there a lot of things in our actual way of life, freelance is the best way to work and to have a life.

For us to be freelance is:

  • we never get sick
  • we work hard and a lot
  • we work all-day
  • we manage our time
  • we continue to review our personal brand and strategies
  • we work on clients as implants
  • we manage clients
  • we value the time
  • we recognize the clients
  • we pay quotes and taxes
  • we put price ourselves
  • we are flexibles
  • we are chameleonic
  • we always learning
  • we sell
  • we offer services
  • we manage accounts
  • we create budgets and proposals
  • we buy resources
  • we find partners
  • we learn new things
  • we do networking
  • we are professionals



Thanks, Blackie Books team, for this opportunity to appear on a teaser and promotional book and also to the book, which is a must for any freelancer. Ironic, and happy but with great information for anyone who wants to be freelance in Spain.

Be brave and be freelance.

What means the welcome back?

After few years of searching for knowledge in different companies, life has given us a new opportunity to create and enjoy – again – EBAVS/.

We enjoyed a new location, we found a coworking space, met coworkers, startups and new projects, that made this new stage very exciting and extremely funny.
We released it in January 2014 and the Betahaus managers dedicated a blog entry to a very human interview that we enjoyed a lot.

Started again with EBAVS in November 2013. After years working on agencies, ad agencies, consultancies, and other kinds of jobs we decided that was the time to did something for us.

So with a little strategy but with a lot of illusion, we decided to jumped and create EBAVS officially. After 2013, EBAVS was our little brand, see why our mystery name.

We review the brand: colours black and white. We add images and use the Mediterranean sea (Barcelona sea) for backgrounds.

ebavs - background

The services were:

  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • CTO Services
  • IT Services and management
  • Digital project management
  • SEO consultancy
  • Ux Consultancy
  • WordPress development

So, that’s was our welcome back.

Long-life EBAVS/!