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ALDI called us to collaborate to improve the UX of the Newsletter (NL).

The NL is the weekly contact channel with all the customers registered in the database and was the third source of the traffic to our website, behind Direct and Organic Search.

ALDI wanted to create a solid community, where they can generate content of interest to their users and add value to them.

We worked on an Audit at various levels:

  • Benchmark of SEO positioning, Content, Traffic and usability of Spanish competitors
  • Brief overview of regionals
  • Brief review + best practices of NL in ALDI.BE / ALDI.DE / ALDI.IT

UX ALDI Newsletter

We proposed to work the audit and digital consulting in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Audit NL Aldi Spain

As a starting point to analyze ALDI, this audit was focused on reviewing the data in an analytical way, reviewing Google Analytics, and Newsletter data.

Phase 2: Competition audit

We reviewed the digital competition and made a benchmark of the main competitors at all levels: SEO, content, traffic, UX.
We created a SWOT and extracted Conclusions.

Phase 3: Definition

We crafted the strategic guidelines:

  • Personalization and segmentation
  • Types of newsletter, schedules and content
  • Improvements to achieve more leads, oper read
  • Improvements of the register’s flow
  • Definition of customer journey’s
  • KPIs’s definition to measure the result
  • Improvements of UX, using wireframes to define the subject, header, content, code and guidelines, the definition of sections.