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Copywriter Collective is a Copywriting Agency representing freelancers copywriters. When advertising agencies or companies need an experienced freelance copywriter anywhere in the world, they called Copywriter Collective. They supplied creative copywriters for ad campaigns or slogans, long copywriters for websites and brochures, and bilingual copywriters for translation services.

They called us to collaborate to improve their site with a Digital Strategy.

We helped Copywriter Collective to define the why, the brand story, the goals to achieve the audience, we created a journey map, identify the opportunities and developed a strategy.

We crafted a road map with a good definition:

  • Definition of KPIs, the digital objectives, to achieve and to be measured and monitored by dashboards.
  • Definition of keywords to work according to the previous analysis and benchmark.
  • Definition of a good SEO OnPage
  • Plan to achieve the objectives.

UX, SEO and WordPress Development x Copywriter Collective

Our digital strategy focused on a new relaunch of the website. The new site must be optimized for SEO and UX.

We started with a good definition of UX and then worked with Yoliwood and the Art Direction.

We installed the last version of WordPress and developed (from Front-end and Back-end development) all the customized theme. We made a full migration of content, URLs, profiles and created new landing pages.

We made an SEO strategy defining a roadmap of actions, build a keyword directory, monitoring data. We worked on content optimization and technical support, reviewing and testing all improvements.

We created unique profiles taking care of SEO improvements: as Landing of Countries, Languages of Copywriters and improving the internal link.

We achieved 365,29% more traffic organic in two years, and in the last period 77,96% more new users.

Copywriter Collective x EBAVS/

Copywriter Collective x EBAVS/