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A few days ago I read two news: about a woman who can not bring his baby to 4YFN and she feels discriminate against; about a freelance journalist in Spain who was proud not to stop working even she was a new mum.

As a feminist, I think that’s incredible! No way! That’s not good for women. I think we are a little confused. About work, to be mothers, to be superwomen.

I think what is the real problem: to be a WORKING mother-woman. I’m not judging about is this mother goes to a tech/work event, or the other is proud about not stop working. I’m talking about what happens with WORK and women/mothers.
I think we never STOP, we are working women ALL DAY. And sadly, we PROUD about it.
Why we are proud?
Why we are proud to have no time and never stop working?
Why we are proud to be superwomen?


Today is our day, 8th March, we are working women.

My name is Bárbara Casas, I have 40 years old, my own digital company with my partner, called EBAVS. I’m 100% digital, #womenintech and a # businesswoman. I’m a mum of two kids. And sometimes I feel anxious and tired because to be mum and work is so hard. I’m not a superwoman, and I do not want to be, I’m a real woman.

So, I want to say I do not feel discriminated against at 4YFN, or whatever event, as a working mum. And for that reason, I’m less feminist than others. I think discrimination at work is to earn less money to do the same job or be fired to be a mum.
I think we are a little confused. About work, to be mothers, to be superwomen.

I also thought I was a superwoman, I worked with my babies breastfeeding them when they had 2/3 weeks, and now I realized it was a mistake.
But I worked because I wanted or because I needed it?
The answer is perverse: because I needed it, so I had no choice.
Did these women had a choice? A freelancer with a baby girl of the 5th month? A freelance journalist?
I think not.

So, today:
I fight for have a choice
I fight for REAL WOMEN!


“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations” Dra. Mae Jemison.