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EBAVS/ Try to work hard with the latest technologies. We work with git for several years and we learned a lot.

This is a simple reference guide with commands that we use day to day from the beginning of a project.


Initialising Repo with Git

First of all, we create a project (actually we download skeletons from a composer, but this is another history or post):

Then we initialise the git repository. This is important because git makes their local repository for local working:

Working with Repository

When you initialized we can begin work, then create a sample file for testing:

then add simple code:

now add this file to a repository:


Now we have a repository with some of the code. It’s time to move this code, we have code added but isn’t in the repo yet. Write:

The files are committed to a repo, are stored in this and assigned a short guide identifier 6f30a7f for us.

Go to change index.php and see what happens in the next commit:

And change to:

Look what we add -a parameter. This means that we change a file. If we only add files don’t need -a parameter.

We have our application ready to store on the remote server. We could make a remote in GitHub or in Bitbucket. I Have a preference for bitbucket because I can make private repos for free. But GitHub is good too.

When we make a repository, in GitHub for example, they make a new URL for the repository, the URL construction is:

A user is your username and Repo are the repository name.  For this example a real URL could be:

Example Git EBAVS/

Then is time to add this remote repository to our local repository:

We have connected now our local repo with our remote repo, time to move code to remote:

And we have our repo working.


commands that we used:



If you like it you can visit our next post talking about Git:

One year ago I asked Barbara, with a lot of please please please please, for a Wireframes to make a new application that will be “la polla en vinagre” (Spanish expression which literally means cock in vinegar but in English means that it is the best of the best or the fucking amazing thing in the world).

One year later I’m still waiting for these Wireframes. What happens here? Isn’t normal that Barbara ignores me (well it is normal). Maybe I can’t send to her the idea or feelings for this exceptional App! Some days ago a friend of mine sent me a short video talking about Lean Startups and their philosophy/methodology/ideas. I was impressed with these basic ideas and Barbara too.

But, how Lean Startup works for us? (or for everyone)

First, for one, ask the client if they need a solution for a hypothetical idea or problem. The second one is making a cheap, little and handmade prototype. Well, I talk again with Barbara and tell her I want to ask people if my idea is a good idea but trying not to explain the idea, only asking a few questions ( an idea is sensed). Barbara love the idea (finally yeah! yeah!) and we made a little survey.

This Survey is the first or the last step of this idea, all is in your hand’s people. If you are Freelance or have a little company, please, answer our questions. :) The Survey is here

I know it’s difficult to explain, but part of my job is testing an environment and find bugs. People think it’s boring, but I’ll find this part quite interesting.
Victor, call me an expert; as I told you, I always find it.

But, what is a bug?

A bug is not a “bug” (little animal) is an error in digital environments. It’s mean that something it’s supposed to run, do not run correctly.

As a digital project manager, I test websites, microsites, apps but when I’m a regular user I find it on all the sites I’m usually using. This last week, I tried to buy online food, I write “I tried” but I had a lot of problems.

  •, we discovered a few months ago, that is the cheapest grocery in Barcelona, so we bought it there, but this week in my house did not run the website. First, we tweeted to Alcampo and said to them, but then discovered that our IP is blocked!! For a range of IPs, see the image below. Scaring moment!!! hahahaCSfm4z2WEAAlhkP
  • La Sirena, I tried to do my shopping online, but I had no user, so first I signed up. I received an e-mail to confirm my user, so when I logged in, said that my user did not exist, so as a “normal user” I will go, but as a professional, I tried again and recovered my password so I received 2 e-mails with 2 different passwords, quite easy for all. ;) Finally, I logged in! Yuhuuuu Then I preferred to pick my cart at the physical shop, so I used the shop searcher, but when I wrote the CP or the address did not work again. The resulted shops are not correct, I wrote CP 08014 (it means Barcelona city) and appears other cities like El Masnou, Sabadell, Terrassa, see the screenshots: (Scaaaaaring all!!)



So, this is our scary moment, our particular dairy Halloween. Bugs are like zombies appears when you least expect it…


I recently spoke with a personal fan of PHP development. He had developed a page with Bootstrap and PHP, and things of life, we found a huge bug in the registration and user login. After talking a while with this person I realize that the guidelines or implementing rules were was still PHP 5.1 or PHP 5.2 (today we use PHP 5.6). Use functions mysql_ for the connection and query to the database, the PHP pages use pattern spaghetti (Spaghetti Code, POO absent, etc …
Worst of all, in the last year, I have seen a lot of this type of code. So we are working to changing this. One of the problems is how difficult it is nowadays to find reliable articles on Google. If we search something as normal as PHP database connect appears results like these:search for sql connection for development Check the first three results, they are obsolete PHP documentation. In PHP 5.5 marked as deprecated the mysql_ functions and PHP 5.6 does not work.
 The fourth result is a post that explains how to create a database connection (what we wanted!) but… in 2006. 9 years ago! When people – who want to start in the development’s world – find these results and followed them, please do not follow, unfollow them. I recommend the following guidelines, updated in 2015 that explain the current way of developing in PHP.
PHP The Right Way
PHP Best Practices
These guidelines will help you have a more solid foundation in development with PHP.