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Git Workflow or GitFlow it’s a development model to work with code and git. We use extended in our code to make conflicts between developers less as possible. The reality is that Git Workflow is a branch management for organizing code and developers. There are many ways you can manage branches, we only use 2 or 3 at least, but you can combine them (we do) into more possibilities.

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Git is a powerful tool that can help to manage code. But sometimes we don’t know or we are scared about the features aren’t know. At least is our code and don’t want to lose any line of them.

Following the previous git post: Basic Git commands , we talk about branch.

Branch is powerful feature of git. If like we copy all code to a new directory and begin work there. But the main difference is that git knows how to join or merge this two directories without broke or lose any line of code and all in the same directory ;)
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EBAVS/ Try to work hard with latest technologies. We work with git for several years and we learned a lot.

This is a simple reference guide with commands that we use in day to day from the beginning of a project.

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EBAVS/ is growing, a little bit, we need an intern assistant, half time with this knowledge:


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