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The hamburger menu: 9 pros and cons

As a UX consultant, I always think about what is better a regular menu or a hamburger menu. In mobile version obviously but in desktop? Let me explain the pros and cons: The hamburger menu is an actual navigation element you can find on sites, landings, webs, apps, and programs. It’s a design of three […]


8th March – Working women (mother)’s day

A few days ago I read two news: about a woman who can not bring his baby to 4YFN and she feels discriminate against; about a freelance journalist in Spain who was proud not to stop working even she was a new mum. As a feminist, I think that’s incredible! No way! That’s not good […]

404: 3 tools to know if there are on my site

The best way to check if there are 404 errors on my site, is to do a monthly check. There are many tools to review but we use to work with: 1. Google Search Console or WebMastertools Is a free tool of Google, it’s a good tool to review 404 errors and track what is […]

4YFN 2018

This 2018 we have gone to the 5th Edition of 4YFN an event of Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. 4 Years From Now (4YFN) is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that enables startups, investors and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together. We have visited all the areas reviewing […]

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3 Basics Tips images on SEO

A picture speaks a thousand words. An image of SEO must speak. In my last three works, I made different consultancies for customers and I detected the same issue: the images. How is this part important, images are important as relevant keywords. Nowadays we use more images and media to improve our websites. So this […]

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Our mystery naming

That’s a typical conversation: “Send me an e-mail to barbara@ebavs.net” “What?” “Yes. EBAVS” “EVAVS?” “No, I spell it: E from España, B from Barcelona, A from Alicante, V from Valencia and S from Salamanca” EBAVS What’s this? Why EBAVS? People write as EVABS, EBAUS, IBABS….but never EBAVS. We think that we have a serious problem with our naming: […]

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Happy Holidays!

In 2016, we created in EBAVS / our Christmas postcard to wish Happy Holidays. A familiar DIY with: Red card Love White paper 6 years Old Daughter Orange paper Cryings White pencil Scissors Smiles Dotted Paper Shouts Glue 10 Months baby boy Blue marker Patience Effort Happy Holidays to all with a REAL XMAS POSTCARD! […]