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SEO workshop

In EBAVS/ we had to work with BETAHAUS creating intern Workshops (SEO and WordPress) for our beloved coworkers. The name “Members teach members”. This movement based on the community of Betahaus to helped all members and taught about what we are as experts. We just did WORDPRESS Workshop with Víctor, and now it’s my turn […]

Wireframes, mockups and prototype

I worked conceptualizing a site development: wireframes, mockups and prototyping. These 3 different words are so important and vital to start any digital project. Not always used the 3, many of the projects I’ve worked on often use wireframes and mockups prototyped regardless of. These 3 are very unknown and many customers, developers, designers and users […]

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Digital Strategy: Instagram and Pinterest

It’s been a long time since the last post. In these 7 months, we had not breathed, in fact, we became parents of a child, born in late February, so in EBAVS/ we have grown a little more. So now, it’s time to write again about my job: Digital Strategy, and in this case my personal digital […]

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The pooping log

Tió or The pooping log is a Catalan tradition, typical of Christmas. It’s a log, for the first time is a relation with fire and connected nature, protection, fertility and winter solstice. It’s very scatological because we feed the log with food like nuts, cookies, fruits and the log eat magically; then on Christmas Eve, […]



EBAVS/ was growing in 2017, a little bit, we need an intern assistant, half time with this knowledge: Javascript PHP Also, is not necessary, but we value the following knowledge: WordPress (developing themes and plugins) Prestashop (developing themes and modules) Basic Linux Administration What do we offer? Formation: advanced knowledge of PHP, Linux, WP and PS, […]



Finally, here it is, our new site in 2015: ebavs.net. A few months ago, Victor and I thought to refresh the site, and now we are happy to present our little kiddo. We are very tough with us, so we wanted a new site, but with specific requirements: responsive, clear, fast, SEO friendly, in English, […]

Poster: Cartell Festes de Gràcia 2015

Again, as last year: finalist at Cartell Gràcia 2014 we are a finalist at Cartell de Gràcia 2015. We are very proud to participate and again ranked among the 30 best 160 posters. We are in an exhibition until August 2015 at Alzina street nº9, Barcelona, with our tribute to the shield Gràcia. We live […]

Freelance: definitive guide Blackie Books

The question is: Are you freelance? Yes, we do. We are freelancers since 2013 and also we work together. We are a team, a couple, and 2 professional freelancers. We work in Barcelona and we are 100% digitals. That’s a normal cliche: a team of digital profiles working in his own way. Senior profiles with […]