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One year ago I asked Barbara, with a lot of please please please please, for a Wireframes to make a new application that will be “la polla en vinagre” (Spanish expression which literally means cock in vinegar but in English means that it is the best of the best or the fucking amazing thing in the world).

One year later I’m still waiting for these Wireframes. What happens here? Isn’t normal that Barbara ignores me (well it is normal). Maybe I can’t send to her the idea or feelings for this exceptional App! Some days ago a friend of mine sent me a short video talking about Lean Startups and their philosophy/methodology/ideas. I was impressed with these basic ideas and Barbara too.

But, how Lean Startup works for us? (or for everyone)

First, for one, ask the client if they need a solution for a hypothetical idea or problem. The second one is making a cheap, little and handmade prototype. Well, I talk again with Barbara and tell her I want to ask people if my idea is a good idea but trying not to explain the idea, only asking a few questions ( an idea is sensed). Barbara love the idea (finally yeah! yeah!) and we made a little survey.

This Survey is the first or the last step of this idea, all is in your hand’s people. If you are Freelance or have a little company, please, answer our questions. :) The Survey is here