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We went to Mobile Week Barcelona opening and shared this fantastic experience with the other people that excellent speech of Gerfried Stocker about arts and technologies and Marta Peirano about privacy.


Mobile week opening


We enjoy the big speaker Gerfried Stocker about art and technology. He speaks a lot about how technology helps art, big example with drones and how people are interacting with technology in the last few years. We enjoy it a lot and the big final quote make us think a bit:

Will democracy survive Social Media and Artificial Intelligence?

Gerfried Stocker speaking about problems

Gerfried Stocker speaking about tech evolution

Gerfried Stocker speaking about internet hours per country


The next speech was awesome. Marta Peirano talks about privacy on the net. Talks about decentralized networks and knowing their goods actually we follow centralized applications managed by centralized companies.

Marta Peirano napster centralized

Marta Peirano descentralized


We enjoy art in exposition with art in technology.

ebavs in mobile week exposition

We want Thanks Mobile World Capital and AMT Comunicacion to trust us to work side by side to make this big.