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Confio asked us to help them to define the why, the brand story, the goals to achieve the audience in the digital ecosystem.

Confio has a native APP and a Website. We worked hand by hand from Digital Strategy to Execution and Guidance to the client with the bests digitals solutions.

Digital Strategy step by step

We proposed to work in Phases.

Phase 1: Analysis

As a starting point to analyze the project, an audit to review all the data from app to website and continue with social channels and e-mails channel.

We reviewed with all measurement tools to establish what content is visited, targets, audience, volume and engagement.

We defined the targets and the goals: strategic, communication, quantitative and qualitative.

We searched for the on-line competition and analysis of what they do.

We also reviewed and done an Audit of SEO OnPage and OffPage: technical review of the site and points to improve. Review of current strategy.

Created a SWOT

Phase 2: The roadmap

We created a road map with a good definition:

  • KPIs, the digital objectives, to achieve and to be measured and monitored by dashboards.
  • Keywords to work according to the previous analysis and benchmark.
  • Digital targets.
  • Good practices SEO OnPage and Off-Page strategies.

And finally, a real plan to achieve the objectives.

Phase 3: UX

We reviewed the current site and app to reorder the information and created our UX proposal.

We analyzed the architectural information, coming up with tips to improve it.

We created responsive wireframes.

Phase 4: SEO

We reviewed all the technical SEO issues with the development team and try to achieve the best results.

Phase 5: Digital Marketing

Finally, we helped Confio with a Digital Campaign in Social Paid Media and Google Adwords to achieve more leads.

Confio x EBAVS/
Confio x EBAVS/