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Git Branchs Management

Git is a powerful tool that can help to manage code. But sometimes we don’t know or we are scared about the features aren’t know. At least is our code and don’t want to lose any line of them. Following the previous git post: Basic Git commands, we talk about branches. The branch is a […]


Basic Git Commands

EBAVS/ Try to work hard with the latest technologies. We work with git for several years and we learned a lot. This is a simple reference guide with commands that we use day to day from the beginning of a project.   Initialising Repo with Git First of all, we create a project (actually we […]


The freelance application intolerance

One year ago I asked Barbara, with a lot of please please please please, for a Wireframes to make a new application that will be “la polla en vinagre” (Spanish expression which literally means cock in vinegar but in English means that it is the best of the best or the fucking amazing thing in […]


Startups tech help

More than one year EBAVS/ we are in a new stage. By coincidences of life, we fell in one of the incubators of most international projects and startups that are in Barcelona, Betahaus. From here we have seen and we see great projects born as Happy Working (coworking consultancy and new configurations of work) or […]


Best practices in modern PHP (> 5.4) development

I recently spoke with a personal fan of PHP development. He had developed a page with Bootstrap and PHP, and things of life, we found a huge bug in the registration and user login. After talking a while with this person I realize that the guidelines or implementing rules were was still PHP 5.1 or […]

ISPConfig + NGINX + WordPress = ERROR 500

How to fix ISPConfig + NGINX + WordPress = ERROR 500? A few months ago, one of my servers with WordPress, made error 500, each time a user made an action. After searching unsuccessfully in Google and various forums, I began to debug the situation, beginning to see what was going on with WordPress and […]

Re/Install Gettext and MCrypt PHP library in Yosemite

One of the worst things that could have happened to me upgrading to Mac OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite is the fact that reset the configuration of Apache / PHP. Basically, deleted the php.ini file (among other things) and get text and mcrypt libraries. The first thing we do is install gettext in Yosemite. I am not […]

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Welcome back EBAVS/

What means the welcome back? After few years of searching for knowledge in different companies, life has given us a new opportunity to create and enjoy – again – EBAVS/. We enjoyed a new location, we found a coworking space, met coworkers, startups and new projects, that made this new stage very exciting and extremely […]