Somos Zoom

Year: 2016 to actually



Somos Zoom is a digital creative agency based in Barcelona since 2009. They are experts on digital strategies: develop and execute content strategies. They worked for several clients as Decathlon, Pepsico, Verdecora, etc…

They asked us to help them developing code for their brands and we loved to do it, with a bunch of code and love as a freelance developer and digital project manager.

Our solution:

We started with a tiny little collaboration creating two landings. After this first work, Somos Zoom asked for other projects. So, we worked developing several landings in HMTL, Javascript, Gulp, SASS.

After this collaboration, we helped them on other WordPress projects.

We worked side by side correcting issues on several WordPress tasks, as a maintenance WooCommerce project, the management of categories, reviewing SEO issues, customizing development,  creating WordPress plugin development for their clients, doing technical consultancies and revisions.

Also, SomosZoom worked with a client with a mandatory technology based on .NET. As experts in this coding language, we helped them in developing, creating and reviewing some issues.  We developed on Sitefinity: a modern ASP.NET Web CMS  for business professionals. This project became a huge exercise and we collaborated with Season to achieve the best result to SomosZoom.

Also, they asked us to help them with digital project manager tasks so we gave them our service. We cooperated reviewing timings, creating documentation, creating a new team and interacting with all the cast: front-end development, back-end development, account managers and creative team.

The result:

Three years of collaboration and continuing.

We became an expert partner to SomosZoom helping them on developing their creative work.

We feel very comfortable working side by side with the amazing team of Somos Zoom.


Sitefinity CMS (ASP.NET, C#, CSS)
VanillaJS, Gulp, SASS

Do you want something similar as our work with Zoom?

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