Year: 2016 to 2018



VENGA, is a travel agency specialized in trip students. Venga is from Denmark and operating in Spain. The prevision is an open new division of the USA and creates a new concept of travel trip students.

First, they asked for a new website to manage different programs, cities and offers as a WordPress development company.

After creating the website, they asked us to develop a custom engine to manage travels, students and teachers. They wanted different tools:

  • Admin tool to manage all the travels with integration with Odoo.
  • Teacher tool to make it easier for teachers to travel.

Our solution:

We created a brand new site, based on WordPress theme development with Enfold.

We designed with our client:

  • architectural information: review all the content with the client, creating wireframes and prototyping the most important pages as travel
  • templates program: create a new template program with all the information
  • graphical guidelines: define the graphical guidelines based on minimal and functional design.

We developed a responsive web design based on new graphical guidelines and composed a child theme.

We generated a custom development:

  •  Search engine by categories: travel cities and travel programs on the homepage.
    Create the pages results according to the graphical guidelines.
  • Order offers management on “Bestil tilbud” section with add and removes activities from a Program, creating a new offer travel for customers.
    A customer could create his own travel clicking on different activities of different travels, creating a new and custom travel for him.
  • Personalized templates portfolio.

We created a custom development to manage travels, teachers and students with two engines: APP and ADMIN. First the integration will be with Odoo who creates the travel and connected with our tool, but finally, the integration is not done with Odoo so our tool creates and manage all the travels schools.

A project of more than a year with our client working together defining:

  1. UX
    Wireframes and prototyping, with mockflows we create images which display the functional elements of a website or page, typically used for planning a site’s structure and functionality. We took care of the interactions (Drag and drops, Calendar customizations, etc…) and to achieve a better user experience.
  2. API
    We did the technical conceptualization and created a custom Php API  with slim 3
  3. Functionalities
    We developed :
    Timeline travel
    Accommodation management
    User list and management
    Activities creation and Google Maps integration
    Flight creation and management
    Import/Upload CSV and Download CSV list of flights
    Integration with Odoo
    Documentation management
    Creation of views: Admin, Teachers
  4. Design
    We developed a clean design with Sketch, designing mobile and desktop.

The result:

A two custom tools for our client.
Administrator views with:

  • Creation of travels and schools
  • Management of teachers and students
  • Creation of activities, flights
  • Creation Accommodation and management
  • Creation of Documentation and management
  • Creation of Activities (flights and activities)

Teachers views with:

  • Review of travellers
  • Management Accommodation
  • Review Documentation

A new brand site with:

  • A new web responsive design.
  • A custom WordPress theme based on Enfold.
  • New graphical guidelines.
  • New template programs
  • New bid management
  • Self-maintenance content.

Tools and technologies:

Angular JS
Php api with slim 3
Oauth 2.0 authorization
Child Theme (CSS, extending JS functionality)
Google Analytics

Do you want a custom web development or website similar as Venga?

We would love to hear from you and make a web together.

Venga Admin Teacher
Venga Teacher mobile sketch