Consultancy UX/SEO and WordPress Development with Transmitting science

Year: 2015 to 2016

Transmitting Science is a company specialized in courses and workshops related to Life Sciences.

They asked us to work on: Web Design and Prototyping Interface design (UI), User experience and web usability (UX), Optimization site (SEO),  Custom WordPress Development and Custom Theme Development.

We evaluated the current site, analyzed the architectural information, coming up with tips to improve the navigability.

To define the new site we created wireframes and prototyped the most important layouts from the site: home, courses, agenda, news and about us.

A wireframe is a schematic or screen plan, a visual guide that represents the structure of a website:

  • Schematize the design
  • Sort the content of the site
  • Define interface elements
  • Navigation systems
  • Ranking systems

We defined the most important layouts from the site: home, courses, agenda, news and about us.

We did a consultancy SEO OnPage:

  • Titles
  • Metadescriptions
  • Images
  • WPO
  • Content: semantic
  • URLs
  • Languages

Also, we analyzed Google Analytics and Google Search Console to review the behaviour of users, engagement, keyword research, etc..

Then we defined the WordPress functions, SWOT analysis and defined objectives, content and a technological solution.

We proposed to create a new site to improve all the points we detected in our consultancy.

We designed a responsive web based on a WordPress theme, with a fresh look ‘n’ feel.

We reviewed all the graphic material and created new guidelines.

We composed a Child theme’s Enfold to add new features:

  • Managed the different CSS by category
  • New Mansory Filter Search
  • New CSS
  • New URL category
  • New Gravity Forms development
  • New templates
  • Create redirection URL SEO

We also trained our client to manage the content and site.

The result:

A new brand site:

After a consultancy UX SEO, technical and graphical development, we achieved:

  1. Improve UX.
  2. New and responsive design.
  3. Graphical guidelines.
  4.  Get better WordPress with features adapted to our client.
  5.  Improve SEO KPI’s: Increase the organic traffic and leads in spite of a migration website and URLs.

Tools and technologies:

Customize Theme CSS
Google Analytics

Do you want a fully customized WordPress theme similar as our work with Transmitting science?

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