Sr.Benitez – USTED

Year: 2014



Sr.Benitez, who then became USTED, contacted us to do a front end and back end development of Grupo Prats’s site.

They are the top optical lenses manufacturer in Spain.

The project was very ambitious, as a new positioning for the brand. Our job was to help them create the new website, which was very challenging. A site seemed with parallax style. It included videos, pdf, visibilities and hidden layers and usable with any dispositive.

Our solution:

Translate the responsive layout designed by Martí Pujolàs to a website 100% responsive.

We worked with HTML 5 based on Bootstrap: a HTML, CSS, and JS framework for responsive developing, mobile first projects on the web.

We also optimized images and videos so they could be viewed in different dispositive and achieve a good result.

We used PHP to manage the six languages of the site, creating different URLs for each language.

We took care about SEO in positioning the website.

The result:

New site:

Grupo Prats has a new positioning on internet with: a brand new image, a brand new concept, a new responsive site.



Grupo Prats

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