WordPress Development Sbr

Years: 2013 to 2017

SBR had a WordPress configured for their website and online shop with Woocommerce. They wanted to come up with a solution to improve navigability since the current site configuration made both navigation and administration really slow (via wp-admin).

SBR also wanted two custom developments. First one was WordPress plugin to connect their billing solution (FactuSOL) with Woocommerce. SBR needed to move products and orders between these two products.

The second development was to connect Wordpress with Moodle. That way, when a user buys a course it’s automatically registered in their Moodle system.

First of all, we decided to move SBR’s website from the expensive WP-Engine to a dedicated server.

Then we made a benchmark calculating the daily user visits and finally decided to move it to a VPS place.

Finally, we developed the two custom developments.

The result:

After monitoring the site for a few months and seeing that the client was happy with our solution we decided to apply some other solutions to WordPress to speed up the internal work.

Also, we made the two custom developments: WordPress plugin to connect their billing solution (FactuSOL) with Woocommerce +Wordpress with Moodle.


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