Ivan Margot

Year: 2014



Ivan Margot is a graphic designer and photographer who was born in Switzerland but moved to Barcelona in 1992.

Nowadays he is working for a studio publishing projects and advertising agencies in Switzerland.

He contacted us because he needed a new site. He asked us to follow his art direction and to make sure the site was responsive and scalable with WordPress platform.

Our solution:

We installed a new WordPress, and reviewed five templates to find the most accurate for the project. We used Stardust theme template.

We made a facelift of the theme, adapting css, colours and images. We developed new functionalities in the back-office to manage the portfolio.

We helped our client create a new database of media images: graphic design (editorial, branding), photography, and trained him to use the CMS.

The result:

New site: imargot.com

A WordPress site adapted to customer needs.


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Ivan Margot interior
Ivan Margot