Back end Development with Enzyme

Year: 2013

Enzyme needed a freelance full stack developer with PHP and JS capabilities for refactoring and some new features for a turns system to control waiting time in the drugstore line.

The new features made development from standalone to multiple totems. One totem server serves one turn number, a client wants that all totems work together in a server-server with a master-slave architecture with auto promotion and restore capabilities.

Hardware architecture also includes a Big TV working as a monitor for ADs and ticket dispenser. The product needs a redesign and solves some bugs with code refactor.

The best way to accomplish requirements and new features were made MySQL service the central part of the solution. The MySQL Master-Slave capacity was perfect with a PHP code for auto-promote, auto-demote and add or remove ticket totems from de net.

The result:

A new refactor code for a turns system to control waiting time in a drugstore line.


Adhoc development

Do you want to refactor a code as Enzyme?