Digital project manager with Contrapunto BBDO

Years: 2009 to 2011

Contrapunto BBDO Barcelona needed a digital account and digital project manager to supervise the digital projects in the Agency.

Contrapunto BBDO Barcelona was the most awarded agency in Spain, in 2012 the won Agency of the year at Festival El Sol.

Barbara Casas was the profile, as a digital project coordinator.

As a Digital Project Manager administered and coordinated strategy and technology consulting in the marketing development campaigns: websites, microsites, mobile websites, social media apps, special display campaigns, etc..for national and international brands

Also did prototyping and made UX consultancy.

The result:

Successful digital campaigns, like launching microsites for tactical campaigns.

The launch of complex web platforms (websites & 10+ social media channels).

Digital strategies and UX consultancy for national and international brands: Ausonia, Melià, Skoda, Sanex …

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