Development with Ckpool

Year: 2018 to actually it’s one of the biggest bitcoin mining pools in the world. It’s created and hosted by Con Kolivas, a cgminer creator and maintainer. was serving a series of JSON data to their miners, doing complicated understanding mining data.

We talked with Con about the problems of the site. So, Con asked us to make a front-end development: a website done with JavaScript and HTML, and do easiest data reading.

We started our collaboration, with a documentation of the project.

We did a web mining research and reviewed the most important pools of mining.

  • Support a pool of Monero Mining
  • Nanopool an Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, SiaCoin, ZCash, Pascal and Monero mining pool.
  • a pool of Bitcoin

We also reviewed the content and data of the site (JSON) and create a new layout and structured data by:

  • home
  • dashboard
  • pool data
  • user data
  • blocks

We created wireframes and worked side by side with Con.  Con asked us to add:

  • work: status miners
  • active miners

The result:

We launched a lightweight frontend web that interprets JSON and shown in a readable way.
We used the last technologies with a very simplest design.

We still contributing and collaborating with to get a better web. Actually, we add:

  • pagination
  • columns order in the user area


EcmaScript 6
Ckpool mining bitcoin
Ckpool mining bitcoin
Ckpool mining bitcoin