Digital strategist with Beter

Year: 2015

Beter is a famous family-run cosmetics company in Spain born in 1936. At the beginning they were only selling razors — nowadays they are present in nearly 30 countries worldwide.

Beter wanted a digital consultancy as well as brand renewal and conceptualization based on UI, UX, SEO, Analysis Data and Social Networks: a digital strategy. They wanted to combine the content and the multimedia content with their online shop.

We loved being part of a family who made us feel part of it and therefore we wanted to reflect that in our work.

We reviewed:

  • Statistical level: we analyzed Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Business analysis :
    • SWOT
    • Keywords
    • Competitors
    • Technical analysis
    • Ecosystem analysis
    • Link building
    • Social Networks Analysis
  • Objectives and KPI’s.

We also had defined content and new user interfaces for multichannel experiences. We redefined the adaptability of the online shop.

Definitely, we created a digital strategy.

The result:

Beter redesigned and developed a new portal and their main goal is to follow our consulting services.

The work we did together will push to create a suitable site following its current line of business where the purpose is not only to look after their customers but also to enhance its product adapting to new technologies and current concepts in cosmetics.


Google Analytics

Do you want a digital strategy as Beter?