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The question is: Are you freelance?

Yes, we do.

We are freelancers since 2013 and also we work together.

We are a team, a couple, and 2 professional freelancers. We work in Barcelona and we are 100% digitals.

That’s a normal cliche: a team of digital profiles working in his own way. Senior profiles with expertise in  Digital Project Management, Digital Web Development, Digital Strategist, SEO and UX.

The background:  work in different companies, clients, digital, advertising, agencies etc … and then Freelance.


Blackie Books published a guide to be one of this class of people.

We appear at promotional teaser with a shorts interviews:

“I’m a developer”, “we paid taxes and the client does not pay the bill”, Víctor  Santacreu said.

“It’s riskier to be freelance,” said Bárbara Casas.

And that’s it to be freelance. As the video said is not easy, but there a lot of things in our actual way of life, freelance is the best way to work and to have a life.

For us to be freelance is:

  • we never get sick
  • we work hard and a lot
  • we work all-day
  • we manage our time
  • we continue to review our personal brand and strategies
  • we work on clients as implants
  • we manage clients
  • we value the time
  • we recognize the clients
  • we pay quotes and taxes
  • we put price ourselves
  • we are flexibles
  • we are chameleonic
  • we always learning
  • we sell
  • we offer services
  • we manage accounts
  • we create budgets and proposals
  • we buy resources
  • we find partners
  • we learn new things
  • we do networking
  • we are professionals



Thanks,  Blackie Books team, for this opportunity to appear on a teaser and promotional book and also to the book, which is a must for any freelancer. Ironic, and happy but with great information for anyone who wants to be freelance in Spain.

Be brave and be freelance.