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Docker and how to make your life easier

Docker is a new way to use virtual machines (someone expert that read this, not hate me, it’s a way to show what it is). Docker represents an easy step to install services in our machine without installing it. This means, is like virtual machine using your own hardware instead of virtualize it and where you can install things. It’s complex to explain, because Docker are half path between your own computer and Virtual Machine.

The best way to understand what is and why use it is create a basic example. We are web developers, the best is create an Apache Image with PHP and execute some code. Read more

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Git Workflow or How to work with Branch in Git

Git Workflow or GitFlow it’s a development model to work with code and git. We use extended in our code to make conflicts between developers less as posible. The reality is that Git Workflow is a branch management for organize code and developers. There are many ways you can manage branchs, we only use 2 or 3 at least, but you can combine them (we do) into more possibilities.

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SEO workshop

In EBAVS/ we are working with BETAHAUS creating intern Workshops for our beloved coworkers.

We just done WORDPRESS Workshop with Víctor, and now it’s my turn creating a BASIC SEO WORKSHOP.

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Cake PHP

Scaffolding with CakePHP

This article is dedicated to Alex, that ask to me how to create a basic CRUD from a database without development, this is called Scaffolding.

For me, Scaffolding is one of the most amazing techniques that people don’t want to use. Exist a major reason, that reason is every time someone access to the url and execute code, a huge process begins asking to database and constructing the CRUD from zero.

Exist a lot of frameworks with Scaffolding in PHP, but I prefer CakePHP by their simplicity. Other languages like Python with Django and Flask or Ruby On Rails have their own mini scaffolding.

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WordPress Workshop in Betahaus

Recently, Betahaus asked us to develop a little Workshop to learn about WordPress. One month after we are proud to have taught the Workshop WordPress. Two days, four hours/day, and 75% of practice teach fourteen Betahausers what is this CMS.

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Git Branchs Management

Git is powerful tool that con help to manage code. But sometimes we don’t know or we are scared about the features aren’t know. At least is our code and don’t want to loose any line of them.

Branch are powerful feature of git. If like we copy all code to new directory and begin work there. But the main difference is that git knows how to join or merge this two directories without broke or loose any line of code and all in same directory 😉
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Basic Git Commands

EBAVS/ Try to work hard in lastest technologies. We work with git for several years and we learned a lot.

This is a simple reference guide with commands that we use in day to day from the beginning of project.

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Wireframe EBAVS


In my last project I worked conceptualizing a site development: wireframes, mockups and prototyping.

These 3 different words are  so important and vital to start any digital project. Not always used the 3, many of the projects I’ve worked often use wireframes and mockups prototyped regardless of.

These 3 are ver unknown and many customers, developers, designers and users do not understand the difference between the three. So I explain what they do.

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It’s been a long time since the last post.
In theses 7 months, we had not breathe, in fact we became parents of a child, born in late February, so in EBAVS/ we have grown a little more.
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