We are Victor and Barbara, couple and freelances with more than 15 years experience in digital. We consider ourselves problem solvers or firemans, because our clients come with a problem and we give them the needed solution, a freelance team passionate about innovation, trends, technology and communication.

CTO services, Custom Development, Web and WP Development, E-commerce, Digital Project Management, Digital Marketing, Consultancy UX SEO and Design.

Why choose Us.Because we are flexible and adaptable.

We work with independent , small, medium and big enterprises and also advertising agencies.

Our Mission.To achieve with you, your objectives.

We believe in good ideas, flexibility and precision. We love client who make us happy.

We think strategically, act tactically and solve problems quickly.

What we Do.To make our clients happy.

We are 4x4 , hybrids capable to make a small code to your site work better, design a poster, manage a digital account, build a digital plan, refactor your code or customize WP.

Digital Project Manager & Co-Founder


Problem solver and Firewoman.
"and as she knew it was impossible, she did"

  • Digital PM & Strategist
  • Digital Account
  • Digital Marketing
  • Art, UX Design
  • Front-end dev

CTO & Co-Founder

Víctor Santacreu

Problem solver and Fireman.
"It is the first time in my life that I’m feeling free. I mean… I still have a lot of work to do, but I am flexible to make it my own way."

  • CTO
  • Full Stack dev
  • Scrum, Agile Dev
  • .NET VB/C# Developer
  • PHP

What Clients say?

We were looking for talented people to take our start-up to the next level and Barbara and Victor helped us a lot! Enthusiasts, flexible, talented and very professional. They have been and still they are valuable partners for us to ensure success in several challenges we have.

Dídac Royo CTO at OPTretina

Buenos y claros argumentos para tomar la mejor decisión en el momento de actualizar nuestra presencia online

Lluisa Mestre Beter