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digital project management

We understand the Project Managers as enablers.

Support the creative development team. Manage schedules, budgets, and the relations of production and act as a meeting point between CREATIVITY, accounts and PARTNERS. Its main objective is to run brilliantly and PROMOTE relationships with partners to give the best of their talent. Usually given both the quality and quantity of work. The Project Managers work in coordination with the account, AV, and all other areas and keep all team members at the right speed to the evolution of a project. Experts on:

  • Management and coordination digital’s project, accounts and technological teams.

  • Customer service.

  • Timing and scheluding.

  • Prototyping: wireframes, flows, layouts.

  • UX consultancy

  • Web design

  • Speciality in processes involving digital projects and technological.

  • Account manage: media campaigns , digital experiences , technological solutions.

  • Quality and efficiency in the implementation of these proposals.

  • Maximize the result.

  • Passionate about innovation, trends, technology and communication.

  • Think strategically , act tactically and solve problems quickly.

  • Artistic sensibility , attention to detail , rigor and excellence executive.

  • Ability to work together.

  • Energy, enthusiasm, proactivity and commitment to the success of projects.

  • Elaborations of briefings, budgets.

  • Digital Strategy and Marketing: SEO Consultancy: On Page, OffPage, WPO

  • Sem: Google Adwords, consultancy, Adsense

  • Web analytics

  • Social media strategies

digital web development

Web development is like building a house.

The best architect, the best constructor and the best materials needed for the quality and safety of the building. Website development focuses on creating the best user experience and seeking to balance both is light, fast and reliable. Light for the user to get the best browsing experience, fast for web servers where you stay can support more users with the same hardware and reliable that despite external adversity, continues to operate without generating errors to the user. Experts on:

  • Web development in lamp (linux apache mysql php), lemp (linux nginx mysql php) and js environments layout: jquery, html, css, responsive design, bootstrap, foundation.

  • Frameworks PHP: codeigniter, fatfree, laravel.

  • Frameworks JS: angularjs, backbonesjs, express.

  • Migrating from zend frameworks to other real frameworks,review zend web sites to increase performance.

  • Version control system: svn, git, tfs.

  • Experience in design or ux.

  • Mysql, MariaDB, MongoDB and SQL Server administration cms: joomla, drupal, etc....

  • Wordpress , wordpress plugins integration.

  • CMS EXperts: prestashop, woocomerce and magento.

  • Net development.

  • Corporate web development, using and/or creating apis.

  • Analysis and improvement of site.

  • Agile methodologies: scrum, pomodoro

  • Analysis and troubleshooting site.

  • Development of new improvements of an existing site.

  • Capacity analysis and data modeling systems optimized for high loads of queries.

  • Experience advanced mysql databases, query optimization, replication, high availability and clustering, caching, etc ...

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Digital project management

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Bárbara Casas

bárbara casas

senior digital project manager

senior digital strategy

Víctor Santacreu

víctor santacreu

cto, senior web developer

scrum and agile master

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